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Nikki Ray

Ultra endurance cyclist, adventurer and motivational speaker

Nikki Ray is an adventurer and ultra endurance cyclist. She cycled solo and unsupported, 10,000km from Spain to Ghana in 2018/19. She crossed over the Atlas mountains, through the Sahara desert and cycling in 40 degree tropical heats on a bicycle that she built herself from recycled parts. Nikki has also cycled across Indian Himalayas and the Scottish Highlands. Off the bike Nikki has trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania as well as independently travelling through 18 African countries. Nikki now competes in ultra endurance cycling races and mostly recently was the 3rd woman to finish All Points North. Nikki is also a cycling instructor and has taught hundreds of people, mostly women and children, how to ride a bicycle over the years. She is passionate about gender equality and diversity in cycling and the cycling industry; and currently teaches refugee women how to cycle.